Bay Window Curtains On Tracks & Poles

Depending on your bay window curtains‘ style will depend on whether you should have your bay window curtains on a track or a pole.

Custom-Made Bay Curtain Track

All of our bay tracks are made on-site by our professional curtain fitters. Special equipment and knowledge is required for the fitting of bay tracks and this certainly isn’t a ‘handy-mans’ job. Curtain tracks allow a much neater finish and if it is corded, you can have complete control over your curtains.

Bespoke Bay Window Curtain Pole

Custom curtain poles are certainly an option and do look lovely; however they are very expensive due to each one needing to be pre-made to your exact window dimensions. Curtains look lovely on poles especially when it is a large window and offer a decorative effect; the downside is that unlike corded tracks, you are unable to have control over your curtains.

Curtain Fitting Bay Track London

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Beautiful Fabrics For Your Bay Window

Our fabric selection offers a wonderful variety of options for curtains. We offer a range of linens, velvets, cottons, voiles all at affordable prices

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