Bay Window Curtains

Deciding how to design and fit your bay window curtains is somewhat tricky, our experts will guide you through the best options with regards to style and fitting options.

There are lots of bay window curtain ideas that you can incorporate into your room, whether it is a bespoke pole, ceiling fitted track or a stylish bespoke bay curtain pelmet, you are able to dress the window the way you want.

If your bay window doesn’t have a sill then we would always recommend floor to ceiling curtains, this gives a full and luxurious effect; we offer blackout lining at no extra cost, giving the curtains for the bay windows for your living room or bedroom a lovely extra weight and feel.

Bay Window Curtains

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Square or Round Bay Window Curtains

Bay windows can vary in shape and size and our expert curtain designers offer solutions whether you have a round or square bay window. If there is a possibility of a ceiling fitted track then we would always recommend this; it gives the window height and allows the curtains to look grand.

Our curtain fitters make the track on-site and follow the curve of the bay; if it is a square bay window then the track would need to be bent in a more acute manner. Bay window curtain poles are an option, however they are always made bespoke to the window shape and are more expensive than tracks and also don’t offer full coverage of the window. We would advice curtain poles in the living areas but not for bedroom as it wouldn’t completely block-out the light.