Check Curtains

Check curtains aren’t for everyone because the various colours and striking designs have an impact in every room. For those who are looking to make their home ‘homely’ and moving away from the natural and linen fabric style that seems to be everywhere, then the check curtain option could be ideal for you.

The variety of check fabrics available offer an astounding choice, making both thin small and large checks a viable option.

Red Check Curtains

Red checks are another popular, but more dramatic choice for properties. Often used in classic hotels and large theatres etc the red creates a warmth within the environment and you can almost envisage a large wood fire in a stately home!

We have seen more and more customers move away from creams and naturals and look into more dynamic curtain fabrics; checks offer a lovely warming feel and available within woollen textures it can be the perfect options for many properties.

Blue Check Curtains

A popular choice for check curtains are the ‘blues’. Blue checks are versatile and can match with many many design schemes and colours

Grey Check Curtains

For a more natural and homely feel sometimes grey curtain fabrics are the most suitable option. Greys are always ‘in’ and the ability to work with a variety of colours either for cushions or other accessories. We are able to source a variety of grey woollen checks that have a lovely texture and feel.