Curtain Pelmets

A curtain pelmets are ideal for those who are looking for a complete blackout solution. The custom-made pelmet is built to sit flush against the wall in order to ensure no light from the window will pass through. Our curtain pelmets are made to measure in the UK and each one is bespoke to fit your window.

Curtain pelmets can sometimes be seen as ‘old fashioned’ however, there are now stylish and sleek solutions which are perfect for modern interiors.

  • Ideal solution for those wanting complete blackout within their bedroom
  • Each curtain pelmet is bespoke and made to order
  • Different stylish options available
    • from traditional styles to sleek and modern
  • Curtain pelmets can be made for different window styles
  • Upholstered in the same or complementary fabrics
Curtain Pelmet
Curtain Pelmets UK

Curtain Pelmets UK

Our Curtain Pelmets are made in the UK by our upholstery team. They are made out of solid wood, padded to give a luxury feel and covered completely in the chose fabric.

Curtain Pelmet Box

The curtain pelmet box enables our clients to get a good night’s sleep! The custom pelmet sits flush against the wall so no light can pass; unlike using blackout blinds or even sometimes blackout curtains, a curtain pelmet box will stop 100% of the light.