Measure Curtains

How to Measure For Curtains

With the growing number of online made to measure curtains websites, it’s often quite confusing about how and what all the variations mean and what sizes to put in. Ensuring your curtains are the correct size is as important as choosing the fabric, so getting it right is a must!

How to properly measure for curtains?

The truth is, there is not ‘one correct’ way of explaining how to measure for your curtains correctly. The are often numerous factors that need to be taken into account (which is why we offer out free made to measure onsite service).

The overall basics are:

  • Measure your window width.
  • add 15/20cm each side depending on space; this will ensure your curtains cover the total window.
  • Next you’ll need to measure the drop; it’ll need to be measured from 15cm higher than the top of the window and measuring to where you want the curtains to end.

Now, this all seems very simple and easy but we often visit customers who have attempted to purchase curtains online only to find out the curtains don’t fit properly!

If you need any advice about how to measure for your curtains please call/email us and we’ll help 🙂

The Made Curtains’ Team