Interlined Curtains

For the ultimate luxury, you will need interlined curtains. The sumptuous and thickness that the interlining provides oozes opulence and gives any room a grand feel.

So, what’s the difference between interlined and lined curtains? Well, a lot. Lined curtains are made by adding a cotton or synthetic lining behind the decorative curtain fabric. When interlined curtains are made there is an additional layer of interlining added in between the curtain fabric and the lining; furthermore for an even more luxurious feel you can use blackout lining instead of standard lining, therefore giving the curtain even further weight and body.

The interlining itself is usually made of cotton and as a similar texture texture to cotton wool or wadding, this gives the curtain the thick feel.

Interlining in the workroom

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Benefits of Interlined Curtains

The first benefit is the aesthetic nature that interlined curtains offer. When entering a room the curtains are a focal point and a huge benefit of interlined curtains is that you’ll immediately be able to see the opulence it offers and the step-up from ‘normal’ lined curtains. The extra weight will also therefore mean the curtains hang much better and look better with each fold.

The next benefit is insulation and warmth. The 3 layers and padded nature offers a great way to insulate a room. Windows are inevitably the cold areas of the home, and therefore the interlined curtains offer a barrier to prevent cold drafts entering and also helps to keep the home cool in warmer days (this is common in foreign countries where curtains are drawn to keep the sun out).

By having interlined curtains with a luxury fabric you will see the very best in curtain making and make your room look 5*.