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Online vs On-Site Made to Measure Curtains

Hello again!

We thought we’d explain the differences about online made to measure curtains vs on-site made to measure curtain appointments.

As you can imagine with the beauty of the internet, a lot of our customers simply want to buy online; this involves a few important aspects from your end to get exactly right or your curtains won’t fit!

1) We love our customers to see and feel the fabrics choosing for your made to measure curtains. Although we can send samples out, with 100s of styles available you really miss-out when seeing the full array of (wonderful) fabrics online.

2) Then there’s measuring; do you know how/what to measure? Where you should take the width from, where does the drop go to? Does it include heading and returns? All these things are tricky to take into account when buying online and if they aren’t correct, your lovely made to measure curtains are useless if they don’t fit the window!

3) Advise, well I guess there’s an online chat feature for made to measure curtains online but it’s not the same as an expert coming to your property and offering over 25 years worth of advice. Often our customers will want plain curtains only to see another pattern/design that they wouldn’t have thought of and fall in love with it!

4) A major aspect of curtains is the fitting, where should the pole/track go? What curtain pole/track do I need? Will it take the weight of the curtains? Can I drill into this wall? There really are so many aspects to take into account when fitting curtains; we have a team of specialists curtain fitters (not handymen!) to do this for you. Not only will they professionally fit the curtains, we’ll dress them so they look exquisite.

5) So there’s also a huge element of after-care service. We are available to call and ask questions to in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong after your curtains are fitted. We’ll come around and sort out the problem and find a solution at no extra charge!

7) We LOVE what we do. The passion our curtain designers have is second to none and this shows in our work and our happy customers! All of our appointments are free and so are our quotes, so you really have no excuse not to call us in!

We hope this has helped (even a little).

The Made Curtains‘ Team