Curtain Poles

We offer a variety of curtain poles, including wrought iron, acrylic and wooded. Curtain poles are a great way to add a decorative aspect to the room as there are various finishes and finials that can be used.

The variety that poles offer means you will always find something to suit your style. Poles are fitted to the wall and perfect for eyelet curtains, or pinch pleat hanging from the rings

  • Numerous options to suit your style
    • wooden, iron & acrylic
    • matt and metallic options
  • Numerous colours & end-finials to choose from
  • Different sizes available
    • wrought iron
      •  19mm & 52mm
    •  wooden
      • 35mm, 50mm & 63mm
    • acrylic
      • 35mm, 45mm & 55mm