How To Measure Curtains

One of the main queries we get asked is regarding how to measure curtains. There are many aspects to it and it usually isn’t as straightforward as it initially seems! Depending on the curtain type and curtain heading you are having, the curtain fitting and whether you are using a curtain track or curtain pole are all factor that alter the measurements needed.

Below are some steps that will (hopefully) help you measure your curtains

How to measure your curtains
Measure Your Curtain Heading

Measure The Curtain Width

Measure your window width. Ideally your track will be ceiling fitted or 15cm/20cm above your window, and the curtain track should be 15cm/20cm wider than the window width each side.

For curtain poles, measure the pole length excluding the finials.

Get The Right Amount Of Curtain Fabric Fullness

Depending on how ‘full’ or luxurious you want your curtains will depend on the amount of fabric used. We like to use a 2.3 – 2.5 x ratio for pinch pleat and a 2 – 2.3 x ratio for pencil pleat or eyelet curtains. To get this amount, simply multiply your curtain track or pole width and x by the desired ratio.

Decide On The Curtain Length

At Made Curtains we like the curtain fabric to sit slightly on the floor, but the finished drop is entirely up to your preference.

How To Measure From A Curtain Track Or Curtain Pole

Measuring the drop of your curtain depends on the curtain heading and if you are using a track of a pole; below we’ll explain how to do just that.

Measuring Using A Curtain Track

Using a track is the best for complete curtain coverage and for more blackout. You must measure from the top of the track to the desired drop.

Measuring Pinch Pleat Or Pencil Pleat Using A Curtain Pole

If you are measuring for pinch pleat or pencil pleat then you must measuring from the centre of the ring as this is where the curtain hooks will be fitted to.

Measuring For Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains can only be fitted onto a pole; the curtain measurement must be taken from the top of the curtain pole.

measure curtains from track
Measure for curtains on a pole
Measure for eyelet curtains