See Our Advice For Children’s Curtains & Fabrics

We know it can be tricky trying to find made to measure curtains or blinds for children, you might not want to make it too much of a child’s room as they grow up (extremely) quickly, but on the other hand you want to make it as fun and playful as you can!

We have done many houses with new born babies and toddlers and there are plain or patterned options which look beautiful, long lasting and work well in children’s rooms, however in this blog we’ll go through some more curtains and fabrics focused towards children specifically.

We have a wonderful range of Roald Dahl inspired curtains, cushions and fabrics to make your child’s room magical! This wonderful array of fabrics suits children of all ages…and some adults too!

The fabrics are 100% cotton and long lasting so you can have this with confidence in your child’s room for years to come; at least until they are teenagers and probably want a change!

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