Orla Kiely Curtains…They’ve Arrived!

Finally…something with colour!

Orla Kiely Curtains has arrived at Made Curtains

Orla Kiely has done an exceptional job at bringing out classic, simple and colourful designs into modern homes; it’s perfect for people who are a little bored of the ‘modern, clean and taupe’. 

The range includes her classic designs which also incorporates a variety of bold colours. Made from 100% cotton canvas, they are

a lovely weight and fall nicely, perfect for window dressings.

MadeCurtains are luckily one of the distributors of this wonderful fabric. We have a few favourites already but can;t wait to work on making beautiful curtains/cushions and soft furnishings out of them 🙂

Want to see and feel this fabric up close, drop us a line!

The Made Curtains’ Team

How to Measure For Curtains

With the growing number of online made to measure curtains websites, it’s often quite confusing about how and what all the variations mean and what sizes to put in. Ensuring your curtains are the correct size is as important as choosing the fabric, so getting it right is a must!

How to properly measure for curtains?

The truth is, there is not ‘one correct’ way of explaining how to measure for your curtains correctly. The are often numerous factors that need to be taken into account (which is why we offer out free made to measure onsite service).

The overall basics are:

  • Measure your window width.
  • add 15/20cm each side depending on space; this will ensure your curtains cover the total window.
  • Next you’ll need to measure the drop; it’ll need to be measured from 15cm higher than the top of the window and measuring to where you want the curtains to end.

Now, this all seems very simple and easy but we often visit customers who have attempted to purchase curtains online only to find out the curtains don’t fit properly!

If you need any advice about how to measure for your curtains please call/email us and we’ll help 🙂

The Made Curtains’ Team

Oooh, New Curtain Fabrics!

As you all know we love nothing more than exciting fabrics!

Using plain, natural colours when making made to measure curtains can no doubt make your window dressings look wonderful; but there’s something exciting when a customer wants something a little extra in their home.

Below are a few fabrics which we LOVE, but you really need to see and feel them to really get an understanding them.

Whether you are looking for made to measure curtains in a small room or for a grande window, these highly-impactful fabrics can really bring a room to life.

Be sure to check out our weekly updates as well be explaining other new fabrics too!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Made Curtains’ Team

Online vs On-Site Made to Measure Curtains

Hello again!

We thought we’d explain the differences about online made to measure curtains vs on-site made to measure curtain appointments.

As you can imagine with the beauty of the internet, a lot of our customers simply want to buy online; this involves a few important aspects from your end to get exactly right or your curtains won’t fit!

1) We love our customers to see and feel the fabrics choosing for your made to measure curtains. Although we can send samples out, with 100s of styles available you really miss-out when seeing the full array of (wonderful) fabrics online.

2) Then there’s measuring; do you know how/what to measure? Where you should take the width from, where does the drop go to? Does it include heading and returns? All these things are tricky to take into account when buying online and if they aren’t correct, your lovely made to measure curtains are useless if they don’t fit the window!

3) Advise, well I guess there’s an online chat feature for made to measure curtains online but it’s not the same as an expert coming to your property and offering over 25 years worth of advice. Often our customers will want plain curtains only to see another pattern/design that they wouldn’t have thought of and fall in love with it!

4) A major aspect of curtains is the fitting, where should the pole/track go? What curtain pole/track do I need? Will it take the weight of the curtains? Can I drill into this wall? There really are so many aspects to take into account when fitting curtains; we have a team of specialists curtain fitters (not handymen!) to do this for you. Not only will they professionally fit the curtains, we’ll dress them so they look exquisite.

5) So there’s also a huge element of after-care service. We are available to call and ask questions to in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong after your curtains are fitted. We’ll come around and sort out the problem and find a solution at no extra charge!

7) We LOVE what we do. The passion our curtain designers have is second to none and this shows in our work and our happy customers! All of our appointments are free and so are our quotes, so you really have no excuse not to call us in!

We hope this has helped (even a little).

The Made Curtains‘ Team

Our Bank Holiday Discount!

We know you probably have your power-drill out and have taken a stressful trip to Ikea this Bank Holiday, but we thought we’d help the nation (well, at those those in London) with an additional 20% off all fabrics!

We’ve been busy this year and helped many people to complete their home with a lovely pair of made to measure curtains, just take a look at our Google Rankings!

Now this offer can’t last long, so it applies to all enquiries sent in before the 8th May; so you have a week to send it across!

Remember, all of our on-site appointments and quotes are free so give us a call on 020 8068 0408

Happy Holidays!

The Made Curtains Team

2016 & Happy New Year!

Well what a year 2016 was!

A big thank you to all of our customers; it was lovely working with you all and it was great to see so many smiley faces as you see your beautiful curtains!

We have seen a lot of natural colours in 2016 and a move towards coloured and more ‘swanky’ styles towards the end of the year (which we LOVE) we hope that trend carries on!

What’s in store for 2017?

More fabrics are already in the process, we’ve had a sneak peek and they are absolutely wonderful so we can’t wait to get our hands on those and show them to our customers!

Swags and tails and lovely fringing are what we expect to be the ‘new thing’ for 2017; more people want to make their home ‘homely & cosy’ and this is one great way to do that.

Have a great New Years and we wish you all an amazing 2017 🙂

The Made Curtains Team

So, What’s Organic Fabric?

Well, there are a few reasons to choose organic fabrics when choosing your interiors; with everyone choosing organic food (and rightly so!), it only makes sense that fabrics should be chosen from organic and fair-trade sources.

Our organic fabrics are sources through a variety of mills, most of them through traditional UK textile mills. Organic fabrics can come from many sources, including organic cotton, organic silk, organic hemp, organic linen and soy (yes soy!).

As you can imagine, organic fabrics cost more than non-organic fabrics due to time and effort needed to grow the crops and are grown in compliance with the organic agricultural standards.

If you’d like a sample of our organic fabrics then drop us an email 🙂

Made Curtains


Well this is our first blog…so welcome to Made Curtains!

Firstly…we love everything to do with fabrics and we absolutely adore nothing more than providing quality curtains in London and seeing a smile on our customer’s face when they see their new window dressing for the first time 🙂

I (and the team) have been working in soft furnishings for over 25 years; we have had the pleasure of working in some of London’s most prestigious properties on amazing and luxurious furnishings to some of the VIP elite. Most of our projects are however working with ‘Joe Public’, our real speciality is finding beautiful curtains and blinds without the need to break the bank.

I love going to customer’s houses and finding out exactly what they want. I like to get a feel for the style and then able to locate amazing fabrics at affordable prices.

I have never charged for appointments and quotes; I always leave it in the customer’s hands as to whether they’d like to proceed or any enquiries as I feel this is the best non-pushy approach.

We’ll be (trying) to upload a new blog every week. Below are a few snaps of a typical fabric search in some of the textile warehouses…it can be a bit intimidating but for us, searching around for a fabric gem is such a buzz 🙂

For any queries or would like some advice on your window dressing, drop us an email (enquiries@madecurtains.com) or call on 020 8123 0660