Well this is our first blog…so welcome to Made Curtains!

Firstly…we love everything to do with fabrics and we absolutely adore nothing more than providing quality curtains in London and seeing a smile on our customer’s face when they see their new window dressing for the first time 🙂

I (and the team) have been working in soft furnishings for over 25 years; we have had the pleasure of working in some of London’s most prestigious properties on amazing and luxurious furnishings to some of the VIP elite. Most of our projects are however working with ‘Joe Public’, our real speciality is finding beautiful curtains and blinds without the need to break the bank.

I love going to customer’s houses and finding out exactly what they want. I like to get a feel for the style and then able to locate amazing fabrics at affordable prices.

I have never charged for appointments and quotes; I always leave it in the customer’s hands as to whether they’d like to proceed or any enquiries as I feel this is the best non-pushy approach.

We’ll be (trying) to upload a new blog every week. Below are a few snaps of a typical fabric search in some of the textile warehouses…it can be a bit intimidating but for us, searching around for a fabric gem is such a buzz 🙂

For any queries or would like some advice on your window dressing, drop us an email ( or call on 020 8123 0660