What Are Wave Heading Curtains?

Becoming increasingly popular, Wave heading curtains are a sleek and modern curtain heading. The Wave System is patented by Silent Gliss, but there are other ripple and ‘wave-type’ systems that offer a similar style.

It is created using a unique glider-cord inside the track that restricts the fabric and creates a smooth, continuous ‘wave’ effect when the curtains are closed, and stack back very neatly when they are open. This combination is both functional and visually appealing, offer a great alternative to the traditional pinch-pleat curtains.

The Wave curtain system is created in a specific and precise way, and therefore using a professional to ensure the Wave curtain calculator is used in the correct way or the made to measure Wave curtains won’t work properly.

Silent Gliss 3840 Track

The most widely used Wave curtain track is Silent Gliss 3840 which can be electric or hand operated and. This track is perfect for the Wave heading system and for light-medium weight fabrics; for very large windows in commercial environments, another track would be used. The Wave heading system comes in 80mm or 60mm waves, depending on your options.

  • Light-medium weight curtains, straight and bay applications
  • Identical appearance from both sides making it suitable as room divider
  • Options for single, double or multiple symmetrical stacks
  • Multiple colour options: Silver (standard), white, gold, antique bronze, black
  • Complies with legal safety laws: EN 13120, EN 16433 and EN 16434 – safety retainer included
  • Ceiling or wall fitting
Silent Gliss 3840

Silent Gliss Metropole

Silent Gliss Metropole

The Silent Gliss Metropole is a curtain pole that is unique in the way it functions like a track; gliders contained inside the tracks allow the curtains to move along in a uniform way. Unlike other curtain poles, the Metropole requires no rings or passing brackets, curtains travel the length of the track unhindered. The curtains can be operated by hand, cord or electrically. There a variety of options available; you can choose between different pole sizes, colours and decorative finials.

Metropole can be bent to fit bay windows or other curved applications. Each pole is made to measure to fit your exact window requirements

See What Fabrics You Can Use For Your Wave Curtains?

The beauty of the wave system is that it allows a variety of options in terms of the fabrics you choose and styles you are trying to complement. You can browse some of our fabrics online, just click the link on the right. We do have other options available but we can show you on-site should you require a visit.

Alessandra Ivory For Wave Curtains
Chiltern Sage For Wave Curtains
Edward Ivory For Wave Curtains
Mackintosh Denim For Wave Curtains