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Solar Powered Blinds

Manage Daylight for Increased Well-Being, Comfort and Energy

With dynamic solar-powered blinds, you can manage daylight for increased well-being, comfort and energy efficiency which is increasingly becoming a need rather than a want.

With cutting-edge technology, we can now have ultimate dynamic control of light and heat while preserving natural resources, reducing the need for energy consumption is definitely on every customer’s agenda. With a huge increasing in working from home, and with people spending more and more time out of the office, home environments need to be as energy efficient and modern as possible.

Keep daylight in when necessary, and keep the light out when required. With our solar shading solutions, you don’t need to worry about electrics or continual charging points. Improvements in solar powered technology means these panels are becoming increasingly more efficient and able to power more blinds and curtains with less sunlight.

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Solar Shading - See How It Works

Dynamic smart control, you don’t need to even worry!

It allows automated systems and control based on the indoor and outside constantly changing environment.


  • Technology allows us to collect data based on the sun’s position, and therefore in the summer months the shading is used to keep heat out as much and keep the indoor areas as cool as possible. It allows us to understand how to prevent unwanted heat gains and helping reduce the amount of energy required for keeping the home cool.

In winter

  • Winter is the opposite of summer, and therefore in winter, we can automate our solar shading to be designed to let as much sunlight as possible, capturing the solar heat gain and storing it in thermal mass. This energy can be kept through insulation and dispersing it to the building as needed. This has energy-efficient and solar dynamic properties to help regulate your home, and after sundown, you can close the shading to prevent heat loss.

Dynamic Solar Curtains & Blinds Overview

Dynamic solar shading brings several benefits when planning your building project;

  • Increased thermal and visual comfort in your home/building
  • Maximising energy efficient solutions and reduces energy bills
  • Significant reductions in heat gain throughout the summer months
  • Maximizes the use of natural daylight in winter and summer when needed
  • Reduces the requirement/use of artificial lighting
  • Means less air-conditioning costs and home heating systems

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Solar Powered Roman Blinds

Our solar-powered electric Roman blinds are both stylish, give a softness with fabric and optimises modern technology, improves energy efficiency, and offers thermal and light properties.

Roman blinds are an ideal way to transform windows into a cosy environment and window dressing in your home. Unlike curtains which require extra fullness of fabric to form their folds, Roman blinds hang folded up on the window, giving them a smart finish and a luxurious aspect as opposed to roller blinds.

Our hand-stitched Romans certainly have practical benefits, both with insulating properties, helping minimise and maximise sunlight when required as well as giving an air of sophistication.

The ease of solar powered electric Roman blinds means that you can operate your blinds from anywhere in the world.

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We are experts in offering the very best advice for your home. Our experienced seamstresses will make your beautiful curtains, and our professional installation team will ensure everything is installed perfectly.

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Gorgeous Fabrics

We have a huge range of carefully selected fabrics, from sleek plain fabrics to exquisite embodied silks. We are able to use our fabrics and in addition to that, we work with branded fabric suppliers to ensure you get the exact fabric to suit your style.

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